100 Years of Steve Bannon (20k views)

What I did: pitched, produced, shot, edited
Views: 20k on YouTube **

Adult Swim reached out to Vulture when Tim Heidecker was doing press for Decker. At the time, Steve Bannon was a refrain and regular face in the news, and I recalled at one point, after seeing a photo of young Steve Bannon, that he bared a slight resemblance to Tim (he later told me other people had made that observation to him before). So I pitched “100 Years of Steve Bannon,” a video that aimed to chronicle Bannon’s path to the White House. I hired a make-up artist to help transform Tim through each phase of Bannon’s life, and asked that Tim interpret each chapter as he saw fit.

** Sadly, this video, after being approved, was retroactively deemed too political to publish on New York/Vulture. With Tim’s approval, I later published it on a fake memorial page for Steve Bannon that I created. On the bright side, Tim has it linked on his portfolio now. The 20k view count haunts me today still, though I blame that on my having been relegated to my own personal (and inactive) YouTube channel.