Bill Nye Fact Checks His Own Memes (5.9m views)

What I did: pitched, produced, shot, and edited
Views: 1.4m views YouTube, 4.45m Snapchat, 70k Facebook

Netflix came to Vulture with Bill Nye while promoting his new show, “Bill Nye Saves The World.” As a long-time fan of Bill Nye Tho, a stoner parody Twitter/meme account, I had to connect the two. (Bill, fortunately, had already heard and enjoyed the account.) Netflix and Bill’s reps agreed to let it happen, and it couldn’t’ve went better. Bill was an absolute mensch. The minute he walked into the studio he beelined right over to the dry ice and started explaining its chemical properties, among other science facts. Tapped into my old Vine days for the edit on this one.