Kendall Jenner for Rock The Vote (500k views)

What I did: pitched, produced, directed, wrote, co-edited
Total views: 500k on YouTube, across 3 videos
Press: Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Teen Vogue, Refinery29, Marie Claire, MTV, The Hollywood Reporter, JustJared, Who What Wear, Elle, Nylon, InStyle, DailyMail, People, Cosmopolitan, WWD, HuffPo, Entertainment Tonight

A few years back, I worked for a political media startup in D.C., and through a connection from our executive producer, Michelle Jaconi (formerly of “Meet The Press,” now of The Washington Post), we teamed up with Rock The Vote and shored up Kendall Jenner for a collaboration promo video.

I pitched a concept (not the one you see above), Jenner and co approved, and then we moved forward with pre-production, shoring up actors, designing set, etc. Then, the day before the shoot, Kendall’s management told us they were spiking the idea because it loosely made fun of the fashion industry (at the time, Kendall had just inked one of her first big contracts with Esteé Lauder). So we pivoted.

The above video was born, on 24-hours notice, out of the scraps of the spiked concept, and I wrote the script on my phone from the back of the production van en route to install the night before the shoot.

We also produced a Rosie the Riveter redux, which I served as photographer for, taking and editing the image below, which was used to promote the campaign.