Rick & Morty’s Trip to ‘Spongebob Universe Show’ (1.6m views)

What I did: Pitched, produced, shot
Total views: 1.6m across YouTube and Facebook

I’d already worked with the cast of Rick and Morty at Comic-Con San Diego the year before, when I pitched them on doing a very run-and-gun, post-junket improvised mini-episode (I filmed it on a hotel terrace, with one C300, one boom). For round two I pitched a Spongebob crossover, largely because the franchise is such an internet darling, and because we’d just hired a talented character animator, Andrea Schmitz, who specialized in character work. By the benevolent grace of the infinitely patient cast of Rick and Morty, along with Adult Swim, who gave us clearance to more or less re-create the animation style and use Rick and Morty’s likeness, it all worked out.

Special thanks to Dan Harmon for tolerating the unusual asks.