The Vulture Spot (20m+ views) | Branded Series

What I did: Produced, booked, filmed, director of photography, production manager
Studios produced: 12
Views: 20m+ across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
Where: Sundance (2016, 2017, 2018), Tribeca Film Festival (2018), New York Comic Con (2016, 2017, 2018), San Diego Comic Con (2016, 2017), Vulture Festival New York (2018, 2018), Vulture Festival LA (2018)

New York magazine’s highest-grossing branded project, “The Vulture Spot” is a traveling celebrity-interview studio, executed at film festivals across the country. Over the course of three years, I created and evolved the studio from a simple interview format into a stylized, comedian-hosted production. Working with and booking contract editors, camera ops, sound mixers, set designers and comedian hosts, I oversaw the editorial output and packaging in real-time, as the videos rolled out over the course of the event.

For the most-recent “The Vulture Spot,” in addition to the above roles, I also booked talent, working directly with studio and network reps.